Frequently Asked Questions

A. XSTREAM FETISH URINE is a blend of Creatine and pH levels with normal human components like amino acids and proteins with a specific gravity similar to natural urine

Q. What temperature should XSTREAM FETISH URINE stay at?
A. After warming up the fetish urine to 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit, one should keep the bottle close to a warm part of your body to retain the heat. If the temperature falls below that zone then try to apply heat with the heating pad and temperature strip to get it back to the normal body temperature.

Q. Will this work for a female or male?
A. Fetish urine works for both males and females.

Q. Can I add anything to XSTREAM FETISH URINE?
A. Adding additives to XSTREAM FETISH URINE will contaminate the product unless used for deer or animal attractant or repellent.